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Hi everyone, mommy have decided to make some changes here and there.
First because she lost my Pooh page, we where doing some changes and all of the sudden *POOF*, is gone :(...
We try to get it back, but everything was lost. Uh well, I guess we have to start all over again.
Now I have a new friend, I always see it on BLUE. So mommy make me up this Blue page for me, Pooh is always with me, so I guess mommy will work on that Pooh page again. Not to mention we got a Barney little corner with a pic of him with me, and a Teletubbie Page, WOW!!! So come on in and have some real fun in this BLUE site...

Hello everyone! Have you seen Blue my puppy???? Check this out, I have a new pic with blue WOW!!! Is Gabriel and Blue now, in our thinking chair :-)...

Gabo & Blue

*November 16, 1998*


Home Photo Album I
My Awards Photo Album II

Sorry, the Photo album's and the Barney Page are in mayor construction. They will be up soon, thanks for your patience :-)...

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