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I thank all the people who has given me these Awards , for my site, even though I have a lot to improve my Home Page. These means, that my site is a good start. WOW!!!!


This Award was given by SheriBerry in October 12,1997. It means a lot because this is the first award that has been given to me thanks to my good work at my Home Page...THANK YOU!!! Sherilynn ;-)
SheriBerry Award



This one was given in October 14,1997...By Beth, thank you very much!

Beth Award


November 18, 1997."You really do have a nice site, I am giving you my Award…" Robby. Robby has a nice site, I'm glad to have his award…Thanks.

Robbie Award


March 29, 1998. "Well done with your page, it looks great…" Adele. Adele, thank you for your magic award :-)…

award4.jpg (8136 bytes)


March 31, 1998. Kat's Outstanding Site Award, you want to see Cats? Just go to Kate's World…

award5.gif (27212 bytes)


May 8, 2004. Great Site!!!



Aug 5, 2004. Hello Ivette, just came by to visit you at your journal. Thanks for leaving a post and for the very kind and thoughtful words they mean a lot. I would be honored if you would accept these Awards from Heaven's Blessings. You have a Great Site here and can tell what a labor of love it is. God Bless. Keep up the Great Work!

Lynn's Award
Lynn's Award
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